Become a more sustainable exhibitor

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Become a more sustainable exhibitor

Become a more sustainable exhibitor

Build a more sustainable stand – Contribute to a circular economy –
Differentiate yourself from other exhibitors – Stimulate innovation –
Add some green to your booth – Showcase your environmental values

Your Stand

Sustainable & Reusable materials

Contribute to a circular economy (and save costs) by (re-)using sustainable materials. Think of cork, recycled rubber, poplar wood, aluminium, or reusable carpet tiles.
Order the items in our online exhibitor portal with the green logo. This logo indicates that the item will be reused, recycled or is produced with environmentally friendly materials.



Make use of energy efficient equipment. For example, switch to LED lighting within your stand. How can you be as energy efficient as possible?

Source locally

Reduce your carbon footprint to a minimum. Source your materials and services locally to miminise the use of transport of your suppliers.
So ask EA for a local green solution.


Use public transport

Use the train to access the venue and reduce your
carbon emission by avoiding the plane.


Another possibility to compensate your CO2 emmisions is to support a foundation like Trees For All.



Avoid using paper

Use electronic devices for subscriptions, to share your brochures, and to communicate information with visitors (e.g. e-mailing and QR codes).


Bring your water bottle

Reduce plastic and/or cardboard waste by bringing your own water bottle which you can re-use.


Focus on food and drinks that positively impact your physical and mental wellbeing. Consider vegetarian options, a meat free menu or a meat free day. Choose healthy alternatives from local suppliers to minimise environmental impact and support local suppliers.



Manage your waste and plan in advance. How can you produce the least waste as possible? Use recyclable materials and order the right waste containers.

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