Greening the events industry

EA ExhibitionsOrganiser Greening the events industry

Greening the events industry

Greening the events industry

Together with our stakeholders EA Exhibitions wants to contribute to a clean future where resources are used responsibly and future generations will benefit from choices we make now.

We aim to inspire our partners to sustainable solutions and consciously choose the best partners for each event to ensure contributing to greening our industry.

Greening our events

Our international impact: reduce our carbon footprint and manage responsible production

Promoting sustainable behaviour; informative digital  flyers

Educating exhibitors and delegates (knowledge center)

Research on greening our industry contribution

Local suppliers: reducing CO2 consumption

Highlighting sustainable alternatives in the Exhibitor Portal

Reusable and recyclable materials offered: green supply chain

Electrical freight transport solutions in Amsterdam

Compensate our carbon footprint with GreenSeat

Minimise paper usage and single used plastic

Promoting ‘bring your own cup’ and using public transport

Towards an eco friendly office

Our office … our home: we strive to become climate neutral in 2021

Separating and recycling all our waste

100% digital administration: reducing paper usage to almost 0%

Cycling challenge: promoting cycling to work

LED lighting in our offices and storages

Conscious business travel: train when travelling <500km

Energy efficient printing

Consuming little to no meat

Solar panels

Hybrid and electrical cars

Closely monitoring water and energy usage

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