Build up & Logistics


We strive for a great position in the hall for all exhibitors, and for visitors to have a good overview of the exhibition. In cooperation with our client and the venue, with consideration for the exhibition concept, we develop the best set-up for a venue floorplan. We generate a logical floorplan where (many) visitors will be able easily to access the exhibition floor, network areas, break-out rooms and/or main stage sessions. We keep track of sold space and update information regularly in the EA Exhibitor Portal, which is accessible to all participants.


We take care of assembling (and later dismantling) all the physical elements of the exhibition. Being in control is key in this phase. Based on a well-planned schedule we direct all suppliers and construction companies in creating the physical environment.


We take care of all event logistics. Overseeing the move in and move out for all the elements needed at your event. Well before the start of the exhibition, the individual sponsors and exhibitors are contacted to discuss their logistical requirements and planning. With all our experience, we can truly state we master the discipline of event logistics.


We believe it is important to have the final real-life setting live up to the expectations and brand experience carried out from the very beginning.

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