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Upcoming events

ESCRS Winter Meeting 2024, Frankfurt, Germany
World Energy Congress 2024, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
EFCLIN 2024, Vilmoura, Portugal
ISF World Seed Congress, 2024, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
EACR 2024, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
EHA 2024, Madrid, Spain
EAES 2024, Maastricht, The Netherlands
ISBT 2024, Barcelona, Spain
WOC 2024, Vancouver, Canada
ESCRS 2024, Barcelona, Spain
Compounding World Expo 2024, Brussel, Belgium
EAIE 2024, Toulouse, France


In the carousel below you can discover all our projects from all over the world. From Amsterdam to Guangzhou, China.

Previous events

ISBT 2023, Cape Town, South Africa
EAIE 2023, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
ESCRS 2023, Vienna, Austria
2023, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
WGC 2023, Rome, Italy
EAES 2023, Rome , Italy
ISBT 2023, Gothenburg, Sweden
IAPD 2023, Maastricht, The Netherlands
ICEM 2023, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
EHA 2023, Frankfurt, Germany
BIR 2023, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
EFCLIN 2023, The Hague, The Netherlands
BTP 2022, Utrecht, The Netherlands
ESGO 2022, Berlin, Germany
EFCLIN 2022, Sitges, Spain
EHA 2022, Vienna, Austria
EAES 2022, Kraków, Poland
WOC 2020, Cape Town, South Africa (DIGITAL)
ISBT 2019, Bangkok, Thailand

Demo: Design Sprint

We offer you a short but effective Design Sprint session with our professional team. In 5 steps we set the basis for your exhibition-event concept, that will catch on with your target groups. Contact us and plan your free design sprint!

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