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We are EA Exhibitions


At EA Exhibitions we believe any exhibition can be called a success when exhibitors and visitors establish promising new business relationships. We focus on delivering the smartest exhibition concept and commercial environment, which will inspire all participants to achieve this goal.


We have extensive experience in creating, organizing and building exhibitions in all sorts of venues, worldwide. We follow the latest trends and innovations in live communications but, at the same time, we keep a sharp eye on cost-effectiveness.


Mission & vision



Our mission is to inspire to new business relationships!



An exhibition, any exhibition, can be called a success when exhibitors and visitors have established promising new business relationships!


This kind of success will make exhibitors want to keep coming back, establishing a long term relationship with you, as the exhibitions’ organiser, ass well. The same goes for visitors. If they are touched by an event in a way that positively exceeds their expectations, they will make sure not to miss it next time!


To make this happen, the right visitor audience needs to be reached, become engaged and feel inspired to connect with others around and during the event.


Exhibitors should be able to focus and feel inspired to proudly show and tell about their business, from their own strategically chosen branded environment.



We take our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) very serious. We are on a journey to reduce our carbon footprint through responsible production and consumption alongside decreasing our climate impact. Together with our stakeholders, we want to contribute to a clean future where resources are used responsibly and future generations will benefit from choices we make now.  Read more on what we do for sustainability here.


In short

Work with EA Exhibitions and you will feel reassured, as we keep the project under strict control and we also go the extra mile in providing service to your exhibitors.


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