Complete Exhibition Management

When organizing an entire exhibition or congress with exhibition space, you can count on three pressure points. First, the exhibition space design, how to fit all elements in the venue. Then, individual exhibitor care, because all your exhibitors have different wants and needs. And finally, the physical build, how to run it in an orderly fashion with the general contractor. All this is what we live and breathe at EA Exhibitions. We know exhibitions.

Our services

The exhibition management we provide can be divided into three service areas:

Concept development & Promotion

It starts with listening to our client and doing some smart thinking together! We help set the main goals and the right budget for the exhibition and determine the target group.

Event management & Service

The organization of an exhibition is a complex process. Many stakeholders are involved. This is where our extensive experience comes in. We keep control and go the extra mile in service.

Build up & Logistics

With consideration for the exhibition concept, we develop the best set-up for a floorplan. We strive for a great spot for all exhibitors, and for visitors to have good overview of the exhibition.

ISBT Barcelona 2020

Highlighted EA EVENT:

The 36th International Congress of the ISBT 2020

CCIB, NEW DATES December 12 – 16, 2020
More about this event

An international community of professionals sharing knowledge to enhance transfusion practice.

A great example of how we help exhibitors to be smart, creative and in control!

exhibitor portal

Exhibitors should feel inspired to proudly show and tell about their business, from their own corporate branded stand, which fits the overall exhibition picture.

The functional and super user-friendly Exhibitor Portal will help your exhibitors focus on just that!

Exhibitors can plan and coordinate their participation efficiently through the portal, as well as easily assemble everything they need to create their own corporate branded stand, in the integrated web shop.

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Our Work

When a business relationship turns into partnership, empires are built!
EA Exhibition Management


Meet the team

‘We inspire to new business relationships’


Any exhibition can be called a success when exhibitors and visitors establish promising new business relationships. We focus on delivering the smartest exhibition concept and commercial environment, which will inspire all participants to achieve this goal.

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