Exhibition management & Service


The event management of an exhibition is a complex process where many parties and stakeholders are involved. This is where our extensive experience comes in.

Taking into consideration the logistical situation at the chosen venue, we draw up the planning and set dates, deadlines, rules and regulations. Our dedicated project managers keep the project under strict control, coordinating all processes. We make sure the operation runs smoothly.


You will feel reassured, experiencing that the event management is in capable hands, irrespective of where in the world the exhibition takes place.


You also want your exhibitors to be serviced and supported well, so they can focus primarily on their own main goal for the event: meeting new potential business partners.

We guide them personally in the run up to the event and support their participation process by means of the functional and user friendly EA Exhibitor Portal.


During the exhibition, we are always present on site to happily answer any questions or provide any services needed. Always going the extra mile!

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