ISBT Guangzhou 2017

EA ExhibitionsISBT Guangzhou 2017

28th Regional Congress of the ISBT

@ Guangzhou Baiyun International Convention Center
November 25-28, 2017


An international community of professionals sharing knowledge to enhance transfusion practice.

To connect with blood transfusion professionals, provide opportunities for exchanging information related to blood transfusion medicine, promote and maintain a high level of ethical, medical and scientific standards in blood transfusion medicine and support safe and sufficient transfusion therapy globally.

Stack the carpet

The location of the exhibition of ISBT Guangzhou was in a congress hall with fixed carpet on the floor. To make sure that stand fitters could build their fancy customized stands, we were obliged to protect the floor carpet. Besides, the design of the carpet was with (too) many graphics so it had a very distracting character. During a site visit before the actual congress, we noticed that an organizer had put another layer of carpet over the fixed carpet of the exhibition hall. It was a good idea but conducted very poorly. The organizer was not allowed to stick the carpet to the original carpet. As a result, the new carpet layer wrinkled a lot and delegates were tripping over the carpet.


We, of course, did not want to end op in the same situation. Together with our stand contractor in China, we did several tests with special types of tape and we stayed very persistent. In the end, we got a ‘go’ from the venue to use our tape on the original carpet, as long as it would come off during the dismantling. We knew it would work, but of course, it stayed thrilling until the last piece of carpet was out of the exhibition hall during the dismantling. The result was stunning though: an exhibition with aisles which were filled with beautiful and neatly placed red carpet!

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MCI nl

6.137 m2 carpet

12 standard exhibition booths

Show services for 55 booths

Room for 268 posters

1 custom exhibition booths

Tested 1.000.000 types of carpet tape (okay maybe not that much)