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Article / Sources: Diederik Haitink, Director EA Exhibitions / Events720


There are always new developments and innovations in the technological space, and we will see some great new uses for technology in the events and exhibition space. Over the past few years there has been an increased focus on technology wearables that can transmit data, particularly useful at exhibitions. We predict there will be new innovations in the way that this will work at exhibitions. Gone will be the day that you scan just a barcode, you will be able to contract more data than previously before.


Data-technology options will be innovative and creative enough that it will form part of your exhibition stand. Using existing technology there will be an increase in interactive screens, and Bluetooth beacons that can be incorporated into your exhibition stand design with the ultimate user experience in mind. Technology can offer new and exciting ways to extract information from your customers and provide you with better leads.


Timber finishes


Towards the end of 2017 timber finishes on exhibition stands was beginning to trend. We expect and predict this will continue. For custom exhibition stands there is a wider range of timber finishes available. Most commonly used in 2017 were plywood and MDF to create modern timber looks.

Sustainable timber

With sustainability movements gaining traction, using sustainable and recyclable timber will be a key feature in exhibition stand design.




LED light walls will also become a feature for exhibition stand design in 2018. The advancements in lighting technology have meant that there is now a large range of lighting options to create ambiance on an exhibition stand. LED light walls will also be a fantastic branding point for an exhibition stand. It will compliment stand graphics to act as a continuous branding opportunity.


Charging Stations


Almost everyone carries multiple devices with them these days, so what better way to attract visitors to your exhibition stand than to offer a service such as a charging station. If you’ve ever been in a public place that offers a charging station you know that they are great hubs, always buzzing with people who are charging their devices. We predict charging stations will be the new interactions adding that experiential marketing like feel on custom exhibition stands. Offering visitors, a chance to charge their device while you chat to them about your products will offer a seamless way to initiate conversation. If your exhibition organisers have chose to implement a strong technology-based marketing strategy, using things like Bluetooth beacons, you can utilise this technology to advertise that you have a charging station on your exhibition stand. This is a great way to drive extra traffic to your exhibition stand.


Experiential Marketing


Most of the bigger exhibition stalwarts have been engaging in experiential marketing for a while. Now that it is easy to set up VR gear, even smaller companies exhibiting for the first time are engaging in experiential marketing. If you think that experiential marketing is just not for you, then you just haven’t found the right activation for your stand yet. EA Exhibitions can help you find a niche experiential marketing opportunity that will ensure your brand stands out amongst any competition.




The trend of personalization will continue. Brand awareness and brand continuity will be an important feature of selling. Most consumers require on average, a minimum of seven touch points before they will purchase from you, and having customized literature and branding throughout your exhibition stand will mean a seamless transaction between you and your customer. Full customization will include all the above features that are designed to reflect your branding. This also makes it important that you exhibit at the right exhibition for your brand. Finding technology that compliments the message you are trying to convey will make your exhibition stand feel more genuine. Adding visual features like timber finishing and light fixtures can be done with tasteful furniture and exciting design for your individual stand. Your customers will need somewhere to be comfortable while they wait for their devices to charge after all!


The EA Exhibitor Portal portrays lots of options to create, design, furnish and personalize your stand easily. All can be found in one place. Take a look at our demo event in the exhibitor portal.


Sources: Diederik Haitink, Director EA Exhibitions / Events720

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